Hi, I'm Daniel

a <web> developer based in Berlin, Germany. For coding, I primarily use JavaScript and React.


I love learning new skills. Currently I am learning Angular and TypeScript in depth.


Open for work opportunities


Hi, my name is Daniel, as a vegan I am constantly trying to lower my impact on the planet. I am a 31-year-old web developer based in Berlin, Germany.

I recently changed my career from architecture and project management to coding. I tend to approach new topics clear structured and design-driven.

Creating things always played a big role in my life. As a child I used to play with LEGO bricks, then started crafting furniture as a teenager and learned to design buildings in university, where I attained my masters-degree in architecture.

Coding started as a hobby when I began to think about improving communication and processes on construction sites and it soon became a serious career path.

Driven by the idea to make a bigger impact on society and the planet, I want to create applications and user interfaces, that help people make everyday life easier.

I am currently looking for a job in a progressive and forward-thinking company in an open-minded and supportive team. The support and explanations that are offered on different platforms throughout the web is what I already appreciate.

I'm sure I can draw your interest in my work below, check it out and don't hesitate to get in touch. I am thrilled to hearing from you.

HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript nodeJS Bootstrap expressJS mongoDB jQuery reactJS Angular TypeScript Material UI git Heroku netlify
Full Stack Web Development

React, JavaScript

Angular, TypeScript


2021/10 - 2021/04

Berliner Hochschule für Technik
University of Applied Sciences
M.Sc. Architecture

2017/04 - 2014/10

Hochschule Karlsruhe
University of Applied Sciences
B.A. Architecture

2014/07 - 2011/10

Bauart Gruppe
Project Manager

Project Manager in Construction

2021/02 - 2020/05

Von Rüden Immobilien
Department Head Construction

2019/12 - 2018/10

- - -

Project Manager


Meisterbau Teltow
Construction Manager

2018/02 - 2017/04

- - -

Student Intern


filmOpedia App

React Application built using the MERN Stack. Styled with Bootstrap. Movie Database

Project Description Code
Case study
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Meet App

Serverless TDD React App built with the Google Calendar API. Coding Events calendar

Project Description Code
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filmOpedia App Angular

Angular Application built using the MEAN stack. Styled with Material UI. Movie Database

Project Description Code
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talk App

React Native Application built with Expo. Chat Application

Project Description Code
filmopedia API

API Backend to Movie Database. Built with Node.js, Express and Mongo DB. Deployed with Heroku

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pokéDex App

JavaScript Single Page app based on the PokeAPI. Styled with Bootstrap. Pokedex Application

Project Description Code
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